What is cryogenics?

What is Cryogenics?

The art and science of achieving extremely low temperatures, from -150°C (-283°F) to almost absolute zero -273,15°C (-459°F). Cryogenics is an enabling technology that contributes much to our lives on earth and in space.

Cryogenics is NOT body freezing. The cryogenic society of america does not endorse cryonics, the freezing of humans for future reanimation. The only connection between cryogenics and cryonics is theuse of liquid nitrogen, a cryogen

Cryogenics in our lives

Being able to achieve very, very low temperatures makes so many things possible! Here’s partial list.
Space exploration
Sensors and satellites
Renewable energy generation
Cryogenic cleaning
Food freezing
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Artificial insemination
Cryopreservation - animal and human
Commercial gases
The large hadron collider
Magnetically levitated trains

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