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The company was established in 2004. We have developed expertise in technical services, ranging from engineering to final validation, for the production and usage of compressed, cryogenic and liquefied gases in the industrial, scientific and healthcare fields.

What do we do

Since 2004, We have been designing, building, & certifying turnkey plants and equipment for safe and efficient processing & production of compressed, cryogenic and liquefied gases.

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About us

A know-how gained in almost twenty years of design and construction of plants, systems and equipment commissioned by the most important international companies producing and using liquefied cryogenic gases and compressed gases.

An approach that integrates technical knowledge with the ability to support the customer throughout the process, from implementation and certification of the required solutions to their maintenance and overall management.

This and much more is TS Italia

Why choose Us



Over 1800 orders managed in 18 years and over 4000 meters of cryogenic lines installed



Competence center for Italy in the field of secondary production and use of industrial gases



We are engaged in converting specific process needs into technological solutions on a daily basis.

Our Customers across the globe

Policlinico Hospital Milan:
30m TSV line to power 90 Cryo-Repositories

Niguarda Hospital Milan:
198m TSV line to power 60 Cryo-Repositories

Elettra Sincotrone (International research center in Trieste):
120m TSV line

Global leading ice-cream manufacturer (Parma area):
50m TSV line

Mechanical extrusion company in Latina area:
15m TSV line + 2 Subcooler system

Pharmaceutical company in Latina area:
320m TSV line

Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A. - Rome (RM)

Wine producer in Piedmont:
40m LN2 + LN2 dispenser

Acqua Orsini Sorgente di Puglia s.r.l.

SAPIO Srl- Hydrogen and Oxygen Production Plant - Porto Torres

Air Liquide Health Service Catania

Vivisol - Palermo Plant

Vivisol - Jesi Plant

New Mestre Hospital - Zelarino Location Mestre (VE)

SOL SpA - Bologna Branch

SOL SpA - Verona Plant

Coca Cola Hellenic - Marcianise Plant (CE)

S.Chiara Hospital in Pisa

Sources of Vulture

Air Liquide Italia Service Srl in Sannazzaro De' Burgondi (PV)

ENI Refinery of Sannazzaro (PV)

ST Microelectronics - Agrate

Sapio - Caponago

PR Technology - Cornate D'Adda

Dinamic Oil - Bomporto (MO)

San Giovanni Rotondo Hospital (FG)

Galliera Hospital - Genoa (GE)

Projects in Italy

In almost 20 years of activity, we have managed about 1800 orders, extensively covering the Italian territory. Our most complex work has been in the area of gas and liquid packaging systems, liquid nitrogen distribution systems for enslavement of cryobanks, and cryogenic fluid distribution systems for industrial, food & beverage, pharma and research applications. Major works carried out include gas and liquid packaging plants, liquid nitrogen distribution plants for cryobank servicing, and cryogenic fluid distribution plants for industrial, food & beverage, pharma and research applications.

Gas company(Scotland):
Lox filling station with 20m TSV line

Gas company (Belgium):
Lox filling station with 20m TSV line

Pharmaceutical company in Hungary:
180m TSV line to power the Cryo-Responsitories

Gas company (Bulgaria):
278m TSV line for Argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen

Eletronic company in Malta:
20m TSV line to power ovens

Mechanical extrusion company in Lebanon:
25m TSV line + Subcooler system

Global leading ice-cream manufacturer:
2 Basins + 10m TSV line

Our Projects in Europe

We boast a constant and solid presence in Europe. For some of the most important European gas companies, we have built plants and technological installations in Scotland, Belgium and Bulgaria. For famous ice cream, beverage, electronics and pharmaceutical companies we have implemented our technological solutions in France, Malta and Hungary.

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Our Solutions for a competent applications of Cryogenics and of industrial gases in general, to the various sector of the industry, research & healthcare

Words of inspiration and motivation

"As a result of the activities over the past few days, I find it fair to give you a photographic feed back of
what has been achieved.

The move is completed, the activities were carried out accurately and correctly without creating any particular inconvenience
or disruptions other than those related to momentary gas interruption in the displacement phase (as per the

I wanted to thank you for your speed in organizing the surgery, and I also ask you to thank Fausto and the
colleague for the professionalism with which they managed the site."

Gas Company

"I wanted to alert you that yesterday the Italian Drug Agency also approved the production of FU gases in the new hub.
Therefore, I also wanted to thank all of you for your input and support without which this achievement would not have been possible.
Certain that we can count on your contribution in the future as well, I thank you."

Gas Company

"I wanted to thank you very much for your support.

Thank the whole team for me, you were the top!"

Gas Company

"(Your systems) run like clocks!"

Gas Company