Since 2004

Expertise and passion to provide consistent value to the cryogenic, liquefied and compressed gas industries.

TS Italy

Design of solutions
for the cryogenics industry

TS designs and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for:

Our expertise covers the entire process, including instrumentation, control logic and remote monitoring.

We cooperate with the major multinational companies within the field of industrial gases.

Our areas of expertise include:





Technical Advisoring

Advanced Maintenance

Compliance Validation

Our operational headquarters is located in the heart of the Italian cryogenics district, near Milan


We aspire to become the leading partner in the field of cryogenics and compressed gases applied to the industrial and research sectors.

That is why we strive every single day to increase our skills and constantly improve the services and products we offer to our clients, so that over time they will derive added value and competitive differentiation.

Each member of the TS Team, aware of the importance of their contribution on the overall business performance, considers itself an integral, active, proud and responsible part of this mission, sharing the company's values and our Quality-driven policy.

Progettazione impianti gas criogenici
Construction of cryogenic gas plants

Why choose us


We are among the leading experts in Italy in plant engineering for the production, transfer and packaging of technical, medicinal and ultra-high purity gases, areas that require the most advanced design, safety and quality standards.


Our expertise extensively covers the entire product development chain, from designing according to sound engineering practices to conducting, either directly or alongside the relevant notified body, the appropriate conformity assessments.


We have extensive experience. In less than two decades, we have handled more than 1,800 orders and performed hundreds of installations. On many occasions, we have efficiently and satisfactorily coordinated not only our own staff but also professionals from third-party companies, always working side by side with our principals.


We translate customers' specific needs into technological solutions. Contextually, we prepare technical and economic feasibility estimates and also offer regulatory and legislative framework analysis as an integral part of our service.

What we offer

Our assets


Software systems & computational capabilities for the design of equipment to contain and transfer cryogenic gases under pressure


HW & SW systems for automation development (Siemens brand) Measurement and monitoring instrumentation, including state-of-the-art technologies for vacuum leakage measurement and residual gas testing

Production areas

1000 m2 of indoor areas for manufacturing and storage, plus outdoor spaces Offices

Production equipment

Metalworking machines Vacuum pumping stations 4.0 Grey chamber for clean machining Local and equipment for high-pressure testing up to 875 barg

Qualifications on permanent joints

TIG welding in accordance with ASME standards Brazing according to EN standards

Quality management system

TS Italy adopts, and wholeheartedly supports its continuous improvement, an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system

Our Story

A young, proactive and dynamic company that through commitment, constant growth and practical experience in the most diverse areas of production and use of cryogenic, compressed and liquefied technical gases, continuous upgrading of the skills of our resources and the evolution of our production systems, has achieved important milestones towards continuous and constant improvement.

Gennaio 2004
TS Italia's History
Fondazione dell’azienda
Maggio 2004
TS Italia's History
Lancio del prodotto Criosafe e prima certificazione PED in IV Categoria
Gennaio 2006
TS Italia's History
Lancio della gamma Cryogenic Equipment
TS Italia's History
Lancio della gamma TSV Lab per criobanche
TS Italia's History
Lancio del sistema SFE per applicazioni food
TS Italia's History
OEM & Distribution partnership con SIS NOVAM
TS Italia History
Accordo con Unilever R&D per lo sviluppo tecnologico di applicazioni con azoto liquido
TS Italia History
Accordo di agenzia con COSMODYNE LLC per Impianti di Frazionamento Aria (ASU) e Liquefattori
TS Italia's History
Partnership con Collabratech Solution LLC per la distribuzione di Gas Cabinets e Chemical Dispensing Systems
TS Italia's History
Progetto R&S Arc Vaqui 4.0
TS Italia's History
OEM & distribution partnership con CRYOPUMP Asia

Our Partners

Our Quality Policy

TS ITALIA operates daily in pursuit of a priority goal:
support the continuity and growth of our business, skills and knowledge, constituting us as a responsible reference and trusted partner for our clients.
A constant expression of this ambitious intent is continuous attention to their needs and suggestions, interpreting these as opportunities to be achieved in order to propose valuable products with functional, safe and efficient operational characteristics.
The company constantly verifies alignment with this goal through the implementation and ongoing implementation of its own Quality Management System that oversees, measures and improves performance determinants for its achievement.
The entire TS Staff, aware of the importance of each individual’s contribution in the overall business performance, is an active, proud and responsible part of this mission, ensuring commitment and dedication in setting, achieving and improving all the goals necessary for its success.
The above is done in sharing and abiding by the following corporate principles:
Civic sense and respect: TS is first and foremost an organization of people, citizens, and the company believes deeply in respect for others, laws, and civic sense as the absolute guiding principles for the coexistence of people within the environment in which they live and operate. Each TS Staff member shares and conveys these principles.
Cooperation and interdependence: communication, trust and integrity form the basis of daily operations and relationships among colleagues and with our stakeholders.
Passion and value: the result of our work must necessarily produce value and satisfaction. This is a concrete expression of our dedication and abilities. Only by investing in, focusing on and increasing these can we ensure the sustainability, corporate and personal, of our daily operations.
Accountability: each person is honorably and responsibly accountable for the achievement and result of his or her assignments.
Corporate reputation: in the work environment each of us is the bearer of TS image and reputation. Consequently, everyone’s conduct must, with wise responsibility, respect and convey the above principles and policy.
The TS logo is symbolic of this organization, understood as the set of people and politics that constitute it.