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Cryo Scientific – TS ITALIA solutions for the application of cryogenics in science


TS ITALIA solutions for the application of cryogenics in science

TS Italia has mature experience in the design of safe and efficient solutions for the use of cryogenic gases in the most varied application processes, both in industry and research.

Hence the design of the TSV LAB product range, expressly conceived to serve the scientific research sector, which predominantly uses liquid nitrogen and, to a lesser extent, liquid helium with important differences compared to traditional industrial processes.

In the specific case of liquid nitrogen, the intended use characteristic of a scientific application includes:

  • Reduced delivery times, the time between the request for nitrogen and its delivery must be as short as possible, in the order of a few minutes
  • Lower temperatures, the nitrogen delivered must have the lowest possible temperature, hence a low gas content
  • Low pressures, generally in the order of a few bars
  • Maximum distribution efficiency, in order to guarantee all the above conditions
  • Low flow rates, generally in the order of a few hundred litres/hour, rarely more than 1200 litres/hour


In particular, and with specific reference to the use of liquid nitrogen, TS Italia proposes itself as a partner for the development of complete technological solutions for the cryogenic storage of biological material.

With the experience of dozens of projects and installations at the most important biological resource centres in Italy TS Italia is able to formulate integrated solutions based on specific customer requirements, including:

  • Transfer and distribution of liquid nitrogen (LN2) from storage tanks to points of use
  • Safety systems for monitoring the oxygen content in air inside the biobank rooms
  • Safety systems for ventilation and air exchange within the biobank rooms
  • Systems and logics for monitoring and managing the entire storage process and environmental safety


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