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Cryogenic gas vents

The best solution to transfer cryogenic fluids in a safe, reliable and efficient way.

The super-insulated vacuum modular equipment of the TSV series is designed and manufactured by TS ITALIA in order to preserve the liquid state of the cryogenic gases during their transfer from the storage tank to the final delivery point.

TSV technology minimizes heat exchange due to conduction, convention and radiation, resulting in a significant reduction in cryogenic product loss compared to other technological solutions.

Electronic degasser

It is a candidate as an optimal solution for the construction of lines and systems for the distribution of cryogenic fluids in the following cases:




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In all cryogenic equipment, the evaporation of the liquid contained therein occurs, albeit to a different extent depending on the specific thermal loss. The result is a biphasic mixture of gas and liquid that can compromise, with a more or less significant impact, the overall performance of the equipment and the process served by the latter.

The possible solutions in this regard are different, depending on the application, requirements and utilities available. In particular TS ITALIA proposes:

Degassers and phase separators

Essentially, they evacuate the gaseous component of the mixture delivering it to an external collection and discharge system. In this case the gaseous product is lost.
Degassers are also referred to as gas vents or gas eliminators


they recondense the gaseous component allowing its recovery, however at the expense of the liquid nitrogen spent in evaporation to allow condensation. An extremely interesting solution for the recovery and re-liquefaction of gases with a market value greater than nitrogen.

TS ITALIA produces different types of degassers, which differ in the mechanism and operating logic:


Devices equipped with a valve enslaved by a float that opens according to the accumulation of the gaseous phase. It is a simple and economical system that cannot be programmed according to control logics that constantly keeps the TSV line cold.

Mechanical degasser with shut-off valve
Mechanical degasser with shut-off valve


Devices equipped with a pneumatic valve controlled by an electrical panel that controls the quantity of accumulated gaseous phase. Equipped with a temperature probe for anti-overflow control of the liquid phase, it is a system designed to reduce waste and to keep the TSV line cold only when necessary. They can also be used for cooling the system.

Electronic degasser
Electronic degasser

Each degasser configuration is supplied complete with cryogenic junction, threaded joint or Johnston bayonet, which guarantees a quick and safe connection to the TSV system.

Always refer to TS ITALIA technical support to identify the correct installation position.


The function of the chilling units is to rapidly evacuate large quantities of the gaseous phase necessarily produced by evaporation of the liquid used to cool the system.

The chilling units essentially consist of a solenoid valve, equipped with a temperature sensor, other accessories and safety accessories, which must be controlled in the open, through an electrical or electronic logic upon call by the process served, to allow the cooling of the liquefied cryogenic gas distribution system, through the evacuation of the gaseous phase produced to bring the system to the cryogenic temperature corresponding to the condition of a cold system. Based on the plant and user needs, the chilling unit may have additional accessories such as safety devices and bypass valves, useful in case of failure or maintenance of the chilling valve.

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